Endurance Coaching


Want to go faster or longer?? If you are just starting out or aiming for a spot on the podium or at a championship race, Blackbox Endurance can help you achieve your goals. Our personalised approach ensures that you will always be doing the right training for YOU rather than trying to fit into a generic program. All training works but smart training will get you there quicker and take you places you could only imagine. 

We believe that training and racing doesn’t have to be hard and endurance is for everyone.

Blackbox athletes regularly compete in triathlons from sprint and olympic distance through to 70.3 and Ironman. Our swim program will make any swimmer better and more confident. We also love helping make your running faster, easier and more enjoyable so you can tick off that fun run, 5km or 10km, half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon. 

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Blackbox Endurance ABN:85 321878104 PO BOX 161 Miranda NSW 1490

Sydney Australia

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